Being Positive

For many dyslexic students who have not been treated in a dyslexia tutoring program, attempts to improve in reading and spelling can feel like one frustration after another. Dyslexia tutors often see this frustration in their students when they start dyslexia tutoring. This frustration is often compounded by the fact that dyslexic students may not receive an alternate approach to reading and spelling for many years; as a result, they feel that there is only one approach to learning to read and spell, and that they are failing at it.

With this in mind, it is important that a dyslexia tutor (and parents) maintain a positive attitude when it comes to a student’s progress.  All attempts should be made to encourage the child and remind them that they will progress; it’s simply a matter of time. When they have moments of frustration, remind them that these moments are all steps on the road to success, and if they keep trying, they will improve.

Here at Dyslexia Connect Online Tutoring, positivity is an important part of our program. Positivity is something that comes easily for us, because we have seen so many students improve while using our program. We know that success is possible, and we encourage our students to have the same outlook about their own progress.


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