Anxiety and Dyslexia Tutoring

When a child starts dyslexia tutoring, they are often very anxious. This anxiety typically comes from a child’s fear of failing and being put in situations where they will not be able to do what is asked of them. For dyslexia tutors, it is extremely important to make a new student feel at ease and create an environment where the student feels confortable. Often, children with dyslexia have been in academic situations that made them feel humiliated, like being asked to read in front of their class and not being able to do so. This can make them particularly wary about being put in a situation where they have to read and spell for someone.

In my work as a dyslexia tutor, I often start sessions with new students by emphasizing that our session is not a test, and that they don’t need to worry about “passing”. I emphasize that we will simply be working together to help them make progress with their reading and writing, and that I have full confidence that they will make progress. Putting tutoring in these terms usually helps them relax, and after a couple of sessions, they really begin to enjoy their dyslexia tutoring. Once the student begins to see their own progress, they become even more confident and committed to the idea that they can succeed.


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