Activities That Help

Balance is important in life, and good dyslexia tutors realize this. A good dyslexia tutor knows how difficult reading and spelling┬ácan be for dyslexics, and that it’s important for them to have other activities that bring variety and a feeling of accomplishment to their lives. In my time as a dyslexia tutor, I have often asked parents what sort of things are important and enjoyable for their children; sometimes they list sports, or visual arts, or music, or any number of activities.

Whatever these activities are, they provide an important outlet for an individual with dyslexia. We all like to feel that we are good at or accomplished in certain things, and dyslexic children need this feeling in their lives as well. Whether it comes from playing that difficult piece on the piano, or hitting a home run at the game, these activites can provide a dyslexic child with breathing room and provide them with a feeling of accomplishment. In turn, these activites positively affect other areas of their lives.


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