A Dyslexia Tutor

A dyslexia tutor needs to possess certain qualities and skills to be truly effective when teaching dyslexic students. First, a dyslexia tutor needs to have special training in a dyslexia tutoring method that works.  A general background in education helps, but the nature of dyslexia requires special training for a dyslexia tutor to have all of the skills they need. In addition, certain personal traits are needed. A good dyslexia tutor needs to be patient. Dyslexic students tend to progress at different rates, and patience is required of anyone who is working with dyslexic students. In addition, a dyslexia tutor needs to be friendly and passionate about what they do. The relationship that a dyslexia tutor has with a student is very important to helping the student be engaged and interested in what they are doing. If a student finds their dyslexia tutor to be friendly and patient, they are more likely to really enjoy tutoring and work hard during their sessions.

Here at Dyslexia Connect Online Tutoring, we work hard to make sure that all of our dyslexia tutors have these important qualities. This sort of person is not always easy to find, but we make the effort because it makes all the difference in our online tutoring program.


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