A Dyslexia Tutor and Spelling

A dyslexia tutor usually has a certain approach to working on spelling during dyslexia tutoring. Many dyslexia tutors have their dyslexic students spell words based on certain sounds that they are learning.  This is a very effective method for dyslexia tutoring, as well as for working with your dyslexic child at home. For example, a dyslexia tutor may decide to work on the “gr-” consonant blend. To do this, one can give the dyslexic student a series of words using that sound, such as “grip”, “grand”, “grass”, etc. When you do spelling in this way, the child is not only getting reinforcement with spelling, but also with using that specific sound.

Let’s consider another example; the sound “oy”. For “oy” a dyslexia tutor would probably give words like “joy”, “toy”, “boy”, etc. In addition, if multi-syllable words don’t overwhelm the child, you can give them words like “enjoy”, and “loyal”. This is a great way to practice spelling at home, and it also helps the dyslexic child see that their is a certain method to the practice that they are doing. In dyslexia tutoring, the benefits are the same, in addition to the fact that the student is receiving reinforcement for the specific sounds that they are learning with flash cards. Next time you want to practice some spelling at home, give this method a try, and see if it works well for your child.


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