A Dyslexia Tutor

If a dyslexia tutor is to be effective with students, it is important that they have certain skills and qualities. Concerning skills, a dyslexia tutor should be trained in a phonics based approach to teaching dyslexics. There are many different dyslexia tutoring methods out there, but in our experience, the truly effective ones are phonics based. In addition, a dyslexia tutor should have some experience working with students. Being educated in a dyslexia tutoring method is very important, and having some tutoring experience is as well. If a dyslexia tutor has some experience, then you know that they are already familiar with working one-on-one with students.

In addtion to having certain skills, a dyslexia tutor should also have certain personal qualities, such as a friendly personality and patience. A friendly personality is vital, because if a student does not like their dyslexia tutor, then they are not going to like dyslexia tutoring. On the contrary, if they enjoy their tutor, it is much more likely that they will enjoy their dyslexia tutoring as well. Patience is an extremely important attribute for anyone working with dyslexics, because a lot of repetition and reinforcement are required to help a dyslexic student progress.

When you enroll your student with Dyslexia Connect Online Tutoring, you can be guaranteed that they will be receiving excellent instruction from a skilled tutor who they will enjoy.


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