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Dyslexia Connect Policy

Thank you for choosing us!: First of all, thank you for choosing Dyslexia Connect
Online Tutoring! We are very passionate about dyslexia education and are excited
about helping our students achieve their literacy goals. We are glad to have you be part
of our program!

Attendance: Attendance is very important for progress. Please make every effort to
have your student attend their online sessions regularly. Without regular attendance, it
is very difficult for us to help your student make progress. We do understand that things
come up from time to time, so please see our policy below regarding cancellations and

Payment: We accept payment by any major credit card. Your credit card will be
charged the monthly amount for your tutoring plan within the first six days of the month
(please note, due to our billing process, we cannot guarantee which day you will be
charged on). If you have any credits from cancellations, that money will be subtracted
from the charged amount. Please see below for more details on credits.

Why does Dyslexia Connect charge by the month, rather than by session?:
Many years ago, Dyslexia Connect charged by the session. Some clients expressed
that this made billing confusing, because their invoice for each month could vary, due to
the calendar layout of different months. For example, a student with sessions on
Tuesdays and Thursdays may have eight sessions total in March, but ten sessions total
in April, due to the number of Tuesdays and Thursdays in each of those months. To
simplify, we changed our rates to monthly, rather than by session. This way, our clients
can know exactly what their charge will be each month. Our clients greatly prefer this
method, so we continue to use it.

Cancellations: As mentioned previously, attendance is very important for success. We
highly encourage makeup sessions, however, we do understand that circumstances
make it necessary to cancel tutoring from time to time. If you do not wish to pay for a
session that you cancel, we must be notified about the absence at least 24 hours in
advance. If we are properly notified, the credit for that session will be applied to the next
month’s invoice. Please cancel only when necessary. If you do have to cancel, please
notify your tutor. The credits applied to the next invoice for sessions canceled in
advance are $34 for a 55-minute session or $17 for a 25-minute session. If you joined
Dyslexia Connect after March 15th 2020 and are on our plans with updated pricing, the
credit amounts will be $44 for a 55-minute session and $22 for a 25-minute session. If
you are unsure whether you are on a plan with the former pricing or new pricing, please
contact us, and we will be happy to provide that information.

Why are the credits for cancellations not a higher amount? In addition to paying for
the online tutoring sessions, your monthly fee also pays for having your tutoring times
reserved specifically for you. When a client cancels in advance, we are rarely ever able
to place another session in that spot, leaving it open and unused. So, part of your
monthly fee goes towards keeping that spot reserved for you, even if you cancel

Tutoring on Holidays: The decision regarding whether or not to have tutoring on
holidays is made by our clients and their tutors. If you are unsure whether your tutor is
cancelling a session on a holiday, or you wish to cancel the session yourself, please
contact your tutor.

Internet Service or Technical Problems:
If you experience technical trouble with a session due to problems with your internet
service or computer, please inform us immediately. We recommend opening a support
ticket with Zoom ( They can
provide assistance in solving the issue, or determining what the problem is. To be fair to
our tutors, we are unable to credit sessions that are canceled (less than 24 hours in
advance) or interrupted due to a client’s internet service or computer problems. If the
problems are due to issues with the tutor’s internet service or computer equipment, the
client will be credited, or the session will be rescheduled.

Missed sessions: If a student misses a session without notifying us in advance, the
session must be paid for. This is the only way that we can be fair to our tutors. Missed
sessions will not be rescheduled. If you are running late to a session, please notify your
tutor and they will wait for you to arrive. If you do not notify your tutor, the tutor will wait
in the meeting for you to arrive for 15 minutes during a 25-minute session. They will wait
in the meeting for 30-minutes during a 55-minute session. After the allotted time has
passed, the tutor will sign off and you will be charged for the missed session.

Early Logout: If a student unexpectedly logs out of a tutoring session early for any
reason, the tutor will wait 15 minutes for the student to log back in. If the student does
not log back in within that time, the tutor will end the session.

Rescheduling: We understand that other obligations arise from time to time and that
you may need to reschedule a tutoring session. Please try to keep rescheduling to a
minimum, as the process is very time-consuming for us. In order to reschedule a
session, please check with your tutor for availability at least 24-hours in advance. We
are unable to reschedule a session if we receive the request less than 24-hours in
advance. If your regularly scheduled times are not working, please let us know, and we
will be happy to find more suitable times for you.

Rescheduling Window:
If you wish to reschedule a session, please contact your tutor at least 24-hours before
the missed session. The makeup session must then be scheduled within three days
following the date of the original session. The makeup session does not need to take
place within those three days, but it must be on the calendar and scheduled. We are not
able to consider rescheduling requests past this time window.

Vacation: If you will be canceling sessions because of vacation, please notify us as
much in advance as possible.

Extended Break from Tutoring: For the best academic growth, we recommend
tutoring consistently without extended breaks. We understand that trips, vacations, and
occasional breaks are necessary. Short pauses in tutoring are okay. Students will stay
locked in at their current rate. If tutoring is paused for more than 1 month, we cannot
guarantee the current tutor or time will be available upon return. Students will no longer
be locked in at their sign-up rate and plans will be subject to any price increases that
have occurred.

Withdrawing from Tutoring: Students are allowed to withdraw from the program at any
time without penalty. If you do wish to stop tutoring, please plan on finishing up the
current month; this will allow you to complete all of the sessions that you have paid for.
We are unable to refund the payment for that month once it has been charged to your
credit card. To withdraw, simply contact us and let us know.

Extra Sessions: If you wish to schedule extra tutoring sessions, in addition to those of
your regular schedule, please contact your tutor. Extra sessions are billed on the next
month’s invoice at a rate of $44 for a 55-minute session, and $22 for a 25-minute
session. Please note, if you wish to change the number of sessions that you have each
week or month on a regular basis, this requires a plan change, and we can set that up
for you. Extra sessions are offered as a courtesy for our clients who already have a
tutoring plan, and custom plans cannot be created by choosing one plan, and then
adding extra sessions on a regular basis.

Thank You!: Thank you for reading this, and for your efforts to follow these guidelines!
If you have any questions at all, you may contact us at any time. We are excited that
you chose Dyslexia Connect for your tutoring needs. Thanks again!

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    1. Dyslexia Connect

      Hi, Beth. Yes, many of our tutors are certified. All of them are highly trained, experienced and qualified. We are very careful in our hiring process. Feel free to use any of our contact forms, if you would like to set up a free trial. Have a great day!

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