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Keira Knightley and Dyslexia

Keira Knightley is outspoken about her dyslexia, and she works to spread dyslexia awareness! The actress, well-known for her roles in Pirates of the Caribbean, Pride and Prejudice, and other successful films, has done a lot of work with Made by Dyslexia. Made by Dyslexia is an organization founded by Richard Branson that promotes dyslexia

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Do teaching methods that work for students with dyslexia also work for students without dyslexia?

Structured literacy methods are great for students with dyslexia, and also students without dyslexia! One of the myths about structured, systematic approaches to literacy (like the Orton-Gillingham method that we use here at Dyslexia Connect) is that they are primarily beneficial to students who have dyslexia, but not to students without dyslexia. This is not

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Dyslexia’s Effect on Math, and How to Help!

Dyslexia can affect a student’s ability to do math. In this video, I discuss the effects that dyslexia has on math, as well as strategies you can use to help a student with dyslexia do better in math! What are some of the ways that dyslexia can affect math ability? First of all, math facts

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CEO Peter Groth Presents at CASE National Conference

Peter Groth, CEO of Dyslexia Connect Online Tutoring, was honored to be a presenter for the Council of Administrators of Special Education (CASE), at their national conference in November, 2020. Peter presented information about dyslexia, and also provided a dyslexia simulation. This video is a recording of the presentation.

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Dyslexia Simulation – Dyslexia Connect

Ever wonder how a child with dyslexia feels when they try to read? Let us show you! In this dyslexia simulation, you will gain a deeper understanding of the challenges that children with dyslexia face when trying to read, spell and complete homework. A question and answer session at the end provides helpful advice for

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Help! My Child Did Poorly on State Testing! – Dyslexia Connect

State testing time can be very difficult and frustrating for parents of children who have dyslexia. In this video, I discuss state testing, whether or not you should be worried by the results, and some of the emotions you may be dealing with. Each year, state and standardized testing results cause a lot of anxiety

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