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Dyslexia and Self-Esteem Problems

Many children, teenagers and adults with dyslexia struggle with low self-esteem. What are the causes of this, and how can we help them improve their self-esteem? Can a dyslexia tutoring and dyslexia treatment program help in this area? Individuals with dyslexia often suffer from low self-esteem. This low self-esteem usually comes from the struggles, frustration

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Dyslexia and Fatigue

Why is it that some students with dyslexia yawn so much when they are reading and spelling? Why do they yawn during anything that involves these activities, such as school, dyslexia tutoring and dyslexia treatment? Parents of children with dyslexia often ask me this question. They may observe that their child is in a completely

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Dyslexia and Improving Reading Comprehension

For children, teens and adults with dyslexia, reading comprehension can be a big struggle. Even after a a student with dyslexia has made progress with reading, through a dyslexia tutoring and dyslexia treatment program, these difficulties with reading comprehension can still persist. So, how do we help an individual with dyslexia improve their reading comprehension?

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Dyslexia and Reading Comprehension Difficulties – Dyslexia Connect

Reading comprehension can be very difficult for children with dyslexia. For this reason, most dyslexia tutoring and dyslexia treatment programs focus on helping dyslexic children improve in this area. Why is reading comprehension difficult for children with dyslexia? One of the main reasons why dyslexic children struggle with reading comprehension is because they have poor

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Dyslexia and Guessing at Words – Dyslexia Connect

Guessing at words is a common and widespread problem for dyslexics. To fully understand this problem, and why dyslexia tutors include addressing this as part of dyslexia treatment, we need to consider the nature of the issue. To give you an example of how a dyslexic student may guess at words, I would like to

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How to Get Dyslexia Accommodations in School – Dyslexia Connect

How can a a dyslexic student get dyslexia accommodations in school? This is a question that many parents of dyslexic students ask themselves at some point. To get dyslexia accommodations for a student in school, you typically need to have your child evaluated for learning disabilities by the school. Before I discuss how to do

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