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Scarborough’s Reading Rope 2 – Background Knowledge

It’s time for our second post on Scarborough’s Reading Rope and dyslexia! The second part of the reading rope is background knowledge. What is background knowledge? Background knowledge is what a reader already knows about a subject. Why is background knowledge important? Background knowledge can help a reader with dyslexia understand multiple meanings of words,

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Scarborough’s Reading Rope and Dyslexia

Over the next several weeks, we are going to be sharing resources related to Scarborough’s Reading Rope! The Reading Rope is a helpful visual reference for parents and caretakers of kids who have dyslexia, as well as anyone who teaches kids who have dyslexia. The concept was created by Hollis Scarborough, a leading researcher of

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Do I Have Dyslexia?

Have you ever wondered if you have dyslexia? For many individuals who have never been diagnosed, there is a nagging feeling that certain struggles in academics and in life point towards dyslexia. For example, they may have struggled to learn to read, and even now, never read for enjoyment. Or, they may struggle, or have

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5 Early Signs a Child May Have Dyslexia

5 Early Signs a Child May Have Dyslexia Dyslexia comes with a wide variety of signs and symptoms. Here is a list of five that tend to be noticeable early in a child’s life. Below the graphic, you can find additional information about each of these dyslexia symptoms. If you have noticed dyslexia symptoms in

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How Unidentified Dyslexia Causes Anxiety

Unidentified dyslexia can cause a lot of anxiety and stress for kids. Online dyslexia tutoring can help resolve these issues. When a child has dyslexia, but it has not been identified, the child often starts to make false assumptions about the reasons for their struggles with reading and spelling. For example, they may engage in

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Percy Jackson and Dyslexia

Kids and adults with dyslexia are often creative, unconventional thinkers. This is part of the reason why there are so many successful adults with dyslexia. It also means that they make great literary heroes! Author Rick Riordan decided that his famous character, Percy Jackson, would have dyslexia. Why did he do this? Percy Jackson became

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