About Dyslexia

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  1. What is dyslexia?
  2. What causes dyslexia?
  3. What are some signs of dyslexia?
  4. Is dyslexia a disability?
  5. Is dyslexia an indicator of low intelligence?
  6. Is there a “quick fix” for dyslexia?
  7. Can dyslexia be “cured”?
  8. Can a dyslexic child or adult learn to read?
  9. Why can’t dyslexics learn to read by the same method that others do?
  10. Do all dyslexics have the same difficulties?
  11. Can my child still succeed if they have dyslexia?
  12. What effect does dyslexia have on behavior?
  13. I’m an adult. Can I get help with me reading?
  14. Does private tutoring work?
  15. Is there somebody who I can speak with about this?

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